Subscription Instructions

ALF Training Subscription

Business Subscription Instructions

Hi and thank you for your subscription order. We are committed to help meet your ALF Training needs. Our team is always open to feedback and course suggestions in order to achieve 100% satisfaction. Our Assisted Living Training Subscription is very user friendly and only requires a few steps to start.

1. Login to Business Dashboard
2. Create employee accounts
3. Assign employee courses

Once you assign the courses, you can view progress through our reports section and retrieve certificates. 

Subscription Manager Account Video Tutorial

The video below explains how to use your “Subscription Manager Account”

Step 1: Login to Business Dashboard

Login to your ALF Manager account and you will be taken to your Dashboard.


ALF Training Step 1

Step 2: Create or Import Employees

Click on “Add Employee” to create a new user and click “Add Existing User” if they’ve used My ALF Training previously.

ALF Training Step 2

Step 3: Enroll User in Coures

3 Ways to Enroll

  • Enrollment Wizard
  • Enroll by employee
  • Enroll by course

Once you create the employee or import them from our system, simply enroll the employee into courses. We have 3 ways of doing this.

  1. Enrollment Wizard
  2. Enroll by employee
  3. Enroll by course

ALF Training Step 3

Reports and More!

  • Track Progress

  • View Reports

  • Retrieve Certificates

We offer a robust reporting module. This will allow you to track your employee’s progress, view company-wide reports, and retrieve completion certificates.

ALF Training Step 4

Subscription Package Includes*

*Courses NOT included in the Subscription are indicated on the course catelog.