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The video below explains how to use your “Subscription Manager Account” is excited to announce a new offer for our Unlimited Access Online Training Subscription Package.  The Subscription Package allows your entire facility staff unlimited access to a complete package of online training, including the 2 hour Pre-Service course, for a low monthly fee. 

With this package of online courses, you get a free Business Account which will allow you to manage your employees’ accounts and enrollments, view progress reports, and retrieve employee completion certificates.  Courses are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  Your employees won’t need to wait for a specific training date and location.  They get the training they need immediately, which will help to keep you in compliance and save your facility time and money. 

1-15 Beds = $10 monthly

16-40 Beds = $30 monthly

41+ Beds = $50 monthly

There are three pricing levels which are based on your community size.  The plans are $10 monthly for small facilities, $30 monthly for medium facilities, and $50 monthly for large facilities.  Every plan includes all of the courses listed below as well as discounts on our Online ALF Core Training. 

If you would like to order the subscription package or for more information, click the “Order Now” button below:


Subscription package includes:

Alzheimer’s Level 1 – ADRD 1 (4 hours)

Alzheimer’s Level 2 – ADRD 2 (4 hours)

Alzheimer’s Annual Update (4 Hours)

Continuing Education for ALF Administrators and Managers (12 hours)

Assistance With Self-Administered Medication 2-hour Update  (2 hours)

In-Service Staff Training Package (9 Hours)

  • Resident Rights (1 hour)
  • Pre-Service Orientation Training (2 hours) NEW
  • Significant Changes, Major & Adverse Incident Reporting (1 hour)
  • Assistance with ADLs/Resident Behavior & Needs (3 hours)
  • Food Handling (1 hour)
  • Do Not Resuscitate (DNRO)
  • Abuse, Neglect, Exploitation (1 hour)
  • HIV Aids (2 hours)
  • Infection Control & Universal Precautions (1 hour)
  • Wandering and Elopement (1 hour)
  • Major Emergencies and Preparedness (1 hour) COMING SOON!

Person-Centered Care (4 hours)

Diabetes, Symptoms, and Treatments (1 hour)

Introduction to Parkinson’s Disease (2 hours)

Activities for Seniors in Assisted Living (2 hours)

HIV – Historical Perspectives (4 hours)

End of Life Decisions (1 hour)

COPD (1 hour)

CHF (1 hour)

Losing Independence (1 hour)

ALF Administrator Compliance (1 hour)

Caregiver Service Training: Lose Your Ego (1 hour)

Encouraging Residents to Participate in Activities (1 hour) Coming Soon!

*Courses not included in Subscription Package: ALF Core Training (26 hours), Nutrition and Food Safety in Assisted Living Facilities (2 Hours), ALF CORE Exam Prep

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Small (1-15 Beds), Medium (16-40 Beds), Large (41+ Beds)